Jim Carbonetti's recent projects as Stereoscopic Supervisor and/or Senior Stereoscopic Compositor – All natively shot with dual cameras unless noted.

IMAX Mysteries of the Unseen World 3-D - National Geographic – 4k 15/70mm format - Stereoscopic supervisor/compositor for Eden FX.

3-D Natural Wonders of California – VFX and post for this 45 minute 3-D travelogue and stereoscopic Blu-Ray for Dan Symmes and 3Detroit, Inc.

Dolby Laboratories 3-D – Stereoscopic supervisor - Hi-speed 60p research and development stereoscopic shoot and encoding using Arri Alexas. 

Evergrande 3-D – BRC and Mammoth Productions, Burbank, for Beijing, China. Stereoscopic supervisor - CGI 4k resolution. Supervised and composited stereoscopic elements through delivery.

SHI International 3-D Briefing Center– Stereoscopic supervisor - Manhattan New York Welcome Center for SHI Cloud Computing– Multi-panel stereoscopic 3-D CGI display in 4k.

Discovery Channel 3-D - Sony/Imax/Discovery co-venture – 10 one-hour 3-D episodes, shot all over the USA. Stereoscopic Post Supervisor.

Napoleon 3-D – Feature comedy shot in 3-D with dual Element Technica Quasar rigs, 4k RED MX cameras. On-set stereoscopic supervisor.

Inspiration of Flight 3-D – Sponsored by China Eastern Airlines. 2010 World Expo Shanghai, China. Stereoscopic Supervisor/compositor for IE Entertainment/Falcon’s Treehouse.

Traveling In The Storm 3-D, Shenzhen, China, for the OTC Group. Stereoscopic Supervisor/compositor for IE Entertainment/Falcon’s Treehouse.

The Dark Country 3-D – Behind-the-scenes 3-D stereoscopic editor, anaglyph encoder and post supervisor.

Scar 3-D – Created the 3-D trailer, supervised subtitling in 3-D, output for worldwide RealD and Dolby theatrical release.

Little Hercules 3-D – Live action stereoscopic film starring Hulk Hogan. Stereoscopic Post Supervisor/Stereoscopic compositor.

Scar 3-D – Stereoscopic 3-D anaglyph encoding. Encoded entire film using proprietary anaglyph process, balanced and adjusted image convergence, supervised filmout of anaglyph version. 

Coca-Cola: In Search of the Missing Formula 3-D – For the World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, Georgia. Stereoscopic Supervisor/Stereoscopic compositor. CGI and live action.

Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3-D IMAX Sponsored by Lockheed-Martin. Written and Produced by Tom Hanks. DP Sean Phillips. Stereoscopic Supervisor/VFX Compositor for Digital Dimension.

Deepo's 3-D Undersea Wondershow sponsored by Home Depot– Atlanta Georgia Aquarium Gary Goddard, Producer – All CGI musical. Stereoscopic supervisor/VFX Compositor for Digital Dimension.

Star Trek: Borg Encounter 4D – Paramount Theme Parks - Ty Granaroli, Director. Stereoscopic supervisor. Supervised all stereoscopic production, compositing and visual effects.

Almost Round 3-D – Whytehouse Productions – First ever 3-D skateboard DVD featuring top skateboard talent. Anaglyph encoding.

Santa vs. The Snowman 3-D – Universal - John A. Davis, Director. Converted entire film into custom anaglyph for 3-D DVD release of this Steve Oedekerk film.

Spy Kids 3D – Miramax – Robert Rodriguez, Dir. Special anaglyph 3-D consultant.

Hershey’s Big Adventure 3D – Landmark Entertainment - Gary Goddard, Producer - Stereoscopic supervisor – All-CGI musical. Supervised team of character animators led by animation director Jim George.

Scary Movie/The Matrix – Created test stereoscopic conversions of various shots.

Jimmy Neutron The Movie - Paramount - Created and filmed out 3-D stereoscopic test sequences for this Nickelodeon feature release.